Hi Luigi - been listening to it in the car lately. I like it - it's very clever, varied & resourceful. So thank you again, and good luck with it.”

— Michael Gray

Project Name


Dylan Suite is my musical universe. Not just a tribute to the great American songwriter, recently awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature, but a journey into the styles, rhythms and ways I've greeted in my life. Mexican Waltz (to Ramona), Argentine chacarera (Sara), Tarantella (Just Like a Woman) Kletzmer (Man gave the name to all the animals and so many other styles of folk guitar together with the melodic thread of Bob Dylan. Texts are missing  but I will try to tell you those stories with only the help of the music and my love for this great artist.



I was born in the island of Capri in 1961. At the age of 13 I approached to music, to the guitar in particular. I have completed my guitar and musical studies directed by the Italian–Argentinean master Gianni Palazzo.

I have deepened the modes and rhythmic of south-american and European folk music. I studied traditional Italianfolk musicand I been for many years with the historic folk music ensamble “I Viulan” and thisco-operation gave life to the CD Escamadul, published by EMI.

From 1999 I started working to the arrangement for guitar only of a few numbers from the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. From this work has born the concert “Dylan suite” the which I have performed in many european cityes (Berlin, Amsterdam, Wien).

At the moment I play guitar with the songwriters Gappa and Roberto Zanni, with the Klezmer trio Mutina Golem and with the folk singer Lele Chiodi


                              MY STAGES

  • Artenschutzen Theater BERLIN (D)
  • Cinema Walburg HAMONT (B)
  • Arsenal Theater VLISSINGEN (NL)
  • Kulturvilla METTMANN (D)
  • Endelessbar STUTTGARD (D)
  • Artigiani della Vita Modena (I)
  • Caffe Letterario ROMA (I)
  • Casa museo Spazio Tadini MILANO ( I)
  • Libreria La Conchiglia  CAPRI (I)
  • Caffe Caucigh UDINE (I)
  • Cohen Music Pub VERONA (I)

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